A Single Girl Can “Say Yes to the Dress?” Here’s How…


In an age that focuses on heavily on one’s relationship status, women everywhere can take heart. Single girls need not fear loneliness, and those who wait for Mr. Right can have that bridal experience even if he hasn’t arrived yet. Each little girl will have a wedding day. Each one can live her childhood dream […]

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A Pick-Me-Up Playlist for Lent

Well, here we are. Almost halfway through Lent. But if you’ve fallen off the wagon of good intentions and resolutions, then know you’re not alone. No Lent is 100% mistake-free. The good news is that each moment is the opportunity for a fresh start. God is all about starting over again. Let’s pick ourselves up […]

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Lent Prep with C.S. Lewis’s “Till We Have Faces”


I have made some interesting reading goals this year to challenge myself, and one of them is to read more of C.S. Lewis’s work. I’m an avid Narnia fan, but Lewis’s talent goes beyond great children’s literature, and what kind of reader would I be if I didn’t explore his stories for adults? So I […]

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